Wimbledon Japanese Outreach

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Welcome to Emmanuel’s Japanese outreach programme! 

Our current activities

English conversation class for women (weekly)
Contact: Valerie Fujiwara: valeriehiro@gmail.com

Japanese Bible study for women (weekly on Tuesday)
Contact: Yuko Footman: yuko.footman@gmail.com 

Sanbino Mure -- Worship Service in Japanese (1st Saturday of the month)

Open X: monthly discussion group – open to anybody on any topic! (2nd Saturday of the month)
Contact: Hiroyuki Fujiwara: hiroyukivalerie@gmail.com

Men’s discussion group (3rd Sunday of the month)
Contact: Kiku Horinouchi: kiku133@me.com

Japanese Bible study (4th Saturday of the month)
Contact: Yuko Footman: yuko.footman@gmail.com 

We welcome people of all backgrounds and languages to our regular Sunday meetings (in English). These include Bible study and discussion for those for whom English is their second language.

For any other enquiries contact:
Kiku Horinouchi or Robin Thomson (co-chairs):
kiku133@me.com, robinthomson1@gmail.com
Yuko Footman: yuko.footman@gmail.com

Please visit here for the details in Japanese:

Robin Thomson, 28/10/2020